Are you loyal out of habit? Consider the following…

As a Realtor, I know firsthand the phone calls, emails, networking events, lunches and happy hour invitations you receive from Title Company Representatives, Lenders, Inspectors and a variety of other vendors.  I know it can be annoying, intimidating and at times, overwhelming.  There are probably times you tell them “I’ll give you my next deal” to get them off your back because you know this is what they want to hear.

Most Realtors have some sort of a relationship with a Title Company.  Some are stronger and more loyal than others.  But are all Title Companies the same?  All Title Companies provide commitments, insurance policies, provide escrow and close the transactions…so they are all the same…right?  Definitely not!  Just like not all real estate brokerages and mortgage companies are the same.  So how do you know when you are working with a great Title Company?  When do you know that it might be time to make a change and use another Title Company?  Here are a few things to consider and decide if you should change your Title Company relationship…

They are good at taking your business…but not very good at helping you build it.  I have always looked at business in real estate as a 2 way street.  Our job is to help Realtors grow and enhance their business, and in turn they send us business and we close it.  The more business our Realtor Clients have, the more business we have.  SHARED SUCCESS…sounds good, right?  Unfortunately this is not always the case.

A Title Company is a huge component and business partner to the Realtor.  They should be offering top level marketing tools and strategies to help you gain business, build a pipeline and keep closing!  Tools and strategies to help you prospect and lead generate new business; such as: using social media correctly for marketing your business, using video and YouTube, farming and data mining, blogging, mobile apps, and so much more.  Your Title Company should be doing all they can (by P53 and RESPA standards) to get more eyes on YOU!  Think of your current Title Company of choice…do they offer to help you with any of these things?  Do they know firsthand HOW to help you with any of these things?  Would your business be enhanced if you did have these things available with the training and knowledge of how to implement them into your business?  Ask yourself, “How much business have they helped me get in the last 12 months”?  Is your business earned or is it expected?  You have given XX amount of business to XX Title Company in a given year…how much did they help you get?  If your current Title Company of choice just takes your orders but doesn’t offer any business solutions in return, it is time to rethink your Title Company relationship.

Are they available when you need them?  Is your current Title Company Representative available when YOU need them or are they available only during the company’s business hours?  As a licensed Realtor and former actively practicing Realtor, I know, understand and empathize that a Realtors business hours are more than Monday – Friday 8-5.  I also know that weekends and “bank holidays” can be very busy “business hours” for a Realtor.  That is why I respond to calls, text messages, social media messages and email beyond my company’s business hours!  If your current Title Company Representative doesn’t make themselves available when YOU are working, it is time to rethink your Title Company relationship.

Let me know exactly how I can help you grow your business and EARN it.  You can reach me at 832-727-2102 or  Let’s SHARE SUCCESS in 2016!


About AmyCraft

I've made a commitment to serve the real estate needs of my community - one family and one home at a time. My real estate knowledge and expertise are completely dedicated to you. I am a Graduate of Champions School of Real Estate and came into the real estate profession with an education background. Prior to working in real estate I was the owner of a successful daycare center. My career as an educator was very rewarding and taught me many things that I believe I have benefited from in the real estate industry. I have learned such things as negotiating with people while always keeping their best interest in mind, listening to what they are saying, maintaining flexibility and understanding, performing multiple tasks simultaneously and how to be assertive yet remaining calm under the most stressful situations. A real estate deal may be the biggest financial transaction a person will ever make. I try to respond to peoples concerns and fears with as much information as I can provide. Most importantly, I want to make sure my clients are comfortable with a certain price range rather than trying to push the pre-approved amount on them. I'm not a pushy Realtor, but I'm aggressive when it comes to getting my clients what they want. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, I can get your home sold, or find you the home you've been dreaming of. Either way, my goal is to make your experience comfortable, guided, fast, and efficient. After all "Nobody Knows The Area Better Than A Good Neighbor".
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