TGIF! February 5th is…Working Naked Day

Work Naked DayThere appears to be a holiday for just about every concept under the sun, so should we be surprised that there is such a thing as Working Naked Day? As its name suggests, Working Naked Day is the day in which you carry out the day’s work unclothed.

It should be hastily mentioned, of course, that this does not mean that your turn up at a place of work naked, go on a listing appointment or go show homes – rather, the whole point is that the day celebrates the act of working from home and the freedom that results from this situation. If you are still shy, then bear in mind that the day can be celebrated by wearing pyjamas.

To celebrate this day, of course, you will need the resources to be able to spend a day working from home. If you fulfill that requirement, then Working Naked Day is yours to enjoy.  Sooooooo, TGIF!


About AmyCraft

Account Executive at Old Republic National Title Insurance Company in Kingwood, Texas. Please think of Old Republic Title Kingwood on your next contract!
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One Response to TGIF! February 5th is…Working Naked Day

  1. Hahaha! I don’t think that they will let me wear pajama’s at the TAR/WCR Winter Meetings in Austin today! You can bet if I wasn’t here that I would fully embrace the day by working from home in my pajama’s. Happy TGIF and celebrate Working Naked Day!

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