Chemical-free Pest Prevention for Your Garden

Looking for a pest-free garden without the use of pesticides? The following tips from and might help you keep those pests in line without any toxic sprays.

Crushed Egg Shells: Crush egg shells and leave them on the top layer of soil. This deters larger pests, such as caterpillars and snails, from attacking plants from the ground up.

The Circle of Life: Nature keeps nature in check. For example, ladybugs eat aphids and toads eat slugs. Research how to attract the right predators to your garden so those valiant little critters can gobble up the plant munchers.

Organic DIY Insect Sprays: Do a quick online search for organic recipes that deter pests. Most include common ingredients you’ll find in your pantry, such as garlic, cloves, or hot pepper.

Aromatic Herbs: Many pests hate the smell of yarrow, citronella, mint, fennel, catnip, basil, and lemongrass. Plant these herbs in your garden to keep many of the bad bugs away!

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