CE Classes Available

Amy Craft is a TREC approved CE elective course instructor.

Class fees are based on the hourly market rate.  Below is  list of elective courses available for CE credit:

Generational Selling

Each generation has differing communication styles, technology comfort levels, values, and beliefs. Understanding and overcoming generational gaps plays a significant role in business and marketing efforts, as each group has varying expectations. This class is for anyone who is selling and/or working with people in different generations.

Real Estate Safety

Don’t become a statistic! Play it smart and safe by listening to our Real Estate Safety Program. This program utilizes a common-sense approach to Realtor® safety, including safety tips when driving around with prospective purchasers, holding open houses and conducting listing appointments.

Red Flags

It is important for Realtors to be aware of the situations that can cause a delay in closing so that they can bring such situations to the title/settlement agent’s attention as soon as possible.  This presentation lists several major red flags common in today’s market.

Title Insurance Myths

This program reveals six common title myths and provides evidence of the truth.

23 Mistakes of a Salesperson

One of the best ways to learn is from our mistakes! Why not save yourself trouble and embarrassment and just learn from someone else’s mistakes? Whether you are just beginning your sales career or you consider yourself a seasoned pro, this program teaches 23 of the most common mistakes made by all salespeople.

Using Referrals to Grow Your Business

When you’re pleased with a product or service, you tell your friends, right? Among the most powerful forms of advertising is word of mouth.  This program provides agents with two different methods for growing their business – asking their current customers for industry peer referrals and asking buyers/sellers/borrowers for names of those who may need a Realtor®, lender and/or attorney for an upcoming transaction.

If you would like Amy to teach any of the above classes, please use the form below and let her know which class you are interested in.